Radiation Love

by Flamingo Nosebleed



Radiation Love
Radiation Love
My Heart Pounds but just cant keep up
With your Radiation Love

Heart beats out my chest, I obsess you regress
Sweaty Palms, Numb Hands, Raising Temperature Swollen Glands
Feels like I stuck my head in a fuckin microwave
Feels like im dying baby, I cant be saved


I don't stand a chance, I cant help but glance
Into your eyes, Totally mesmerized
I wanna make a move but im filled with doubt
I think im burning from the inside out

You, Melt my heart in fucking two
My head spins til I spew
I don't know what to do
So I sit and burn for you!

(3rd verse same as the first w/ Backing "Radiates")


released June 23, 2015
Written by Jake Emissions
Produced by Jake Emissions, Geoff Montgomery
Recorded April 2015 @ Monastic Chambers by Geoff Montgomery

Jake Emissions- Vocals, Guitar
Phill Nieswender- Bass
Mike Singleton- Drums, Backups



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Flamingo Nosebleed Fort Wayne, Indiana

Three Chord punk rock from Indiana! Started in 2008 and still rippin! We tour, record, and party


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